Lauren & Eugene San Francisco Engagement Session

The weather in San Francisco is always unpredictable, and especially this year the weather has made planning engagement sessions extremely difficult. It seemed that every time we tried to schedule an engagement session with Lauren and Eugene some major storm system was rolling through the Bay Area. So we finally found a day that was supposed to be a perfect day, well "supposed to be". Mark Twain once asserted "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco," well, this was one of those days. We had planned to do some pictures in the Presidio, but the afternoon fog rolled in with a vengeance, blanketing the Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio. While fog can be great for pictures at times, the wind that often accompanies it, is not so fun. So we literally had to stay ahead of the fog and wind, moving the session to the Italian district and Aquatic Park area. Eventually, the fog caught on to us, but nevertheless we were able to get some great shots. Thanks Lauren and Eugene for being fun and flexible and making it work.

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