Banafshe & Babak’s Persian Wedding

Banafshe and Babak got married at the Walnut Creek Marriott, a beautiful and joyful event celebrated with lots of music, laughter, food and love. The couple got ready in separate rooms and then saw each other before the ceremony to take some photos around the venue. It was a every emotional meeting with only immediate family in attendance. Once guests started arriving we hid the couple away and focused on the details of the ceremony.  We love the beauty and elegance of persian weddings, the sofreh which is an essential part of persian weddings, was put together by Banafshe and Babak's parents. The sofreh consists of a number of items placed before the bride and groom in a spread, some food items and some symbolic, with a beautiful mirror that is placed before the couple so that they can look at each other through it, and two candelabras to shine light onto the couple. During the cocktail hour we took them to Heather Park for some outdoor portraits. Back at the reception site things went right into dancing which continued well into the night. It was great to work with Martin Meyer (videographer) again, we can't wait to see his final edit of the wedding. bride getting ready

Bride and Groom seeing each other for the first time

Bride and groom portrait

creative bride and groom portrait

creative wedding portrait

persian wedding sofreh


persian wedding ceremony

bridal portrait in heather park walnut creek

persian wedding reception - dancing

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