Jennifer & Eric’s Wedding at the Westin St. Francis

Persian Wedding at the Westin St. Francis

Jennifer and Eric had a very elegant wedding at the Westin Saint Francis hotel on Union Square. The Westin St. Francis, is one of the most iconic landmark hotels in San Francisco and it is one of our favorite venues in the City to shoot. Jennifer got ready in a palatial suite and then had a “first look” with Eric in the Hall of Mirrors. After the first look, we dashed off to a photo session at the Palace of Fine Arts, stopping off at Hyde Street for a shot with the Cable Cars. The ceremony and reception took place at Victor’s and Alexandra’s on the 32nd floor with incredible views of the city. As with most Persian ceremonies, Jennifer and Eric were sitting in front of a beautiful Sofreh, looking at each other through a mirror. The  ceremony was very emotional, we will never forget when Jennifer's dad took her down the isle. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a stylish cocktail hour where a tequila luge sculpted of ice was a centerpiece. This celebration was not just beautiful and elegant but also captured the high spirits and great humor of the bride and groom. Jennifer and Eric's wish was to have an elegant wedding that was fun and full of love, I think we can say: "Mission Accomplished!" Fun Facts:
  • When Jennifer contacted us to shoot her wedding, we sent her some pictures of another Persian Wedding we had shot at the Westin. As it turns out they knew the other couple, what a small world!
  • The Westin has a rich history. Many past and present dignitaries and celebrities frequent it, including Ronald Reagan and Frank Sinatra. Gerald Ford escaped an assassination attempt outside of the hotel, and the Westin was even at the center of a big Hollywood scandal back in the silent film era.
  • Jennifer loves to dance, and she put on a memorable solo dance during their entrance at the reception.
Here are some of the great people who helped make this event a success:
Wedding coordinator: Robin Lewis
On-site wedding coordinator: Lauren Schardt
Classical guitarist: Giacomo Fiore
Officiant:  Nilou Noori
Videographer: Wing Hon Films
Sofreh: by Afsaneh
Hair: Amy Jo Hobson
Makeup: Audrina Yaghoubi
Wedding cake: Elegant Cheesecakes
Shot Louge: Chisel-It

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