Molly and Jon’s Intimate Destination Wedding

Molly and Jon are seasoned travelers and wanted to share their love for travel by having a destination wedding they could enjoy with family and friends. Ragged Point Inn seemed the perfect fit for this beautiful couple. Ragged Point is located about 50 miles south of Big Sur. While it is way out there, Ragged Point offers some great hiking and is close to some famous sights in the area. Intimate weddings are always fun to shoot, especially when you have a fun group of people. On the day of the wedding a stubborn fog kept hovering around the ceremony area, the fog seemed to burn off, to just suddenly reappear. But the fog actually made for some great pictures as it created a surrealistic mood, and since it was not a cold fog it was actually quite pleasant. Having scouted the area the day before, Marcel took the couple for some quick photography sessions up and down the coast after the wedding. Down the coast for some romantic fog shots at a nearby meadow and up the coast for some dramatic portraits above the clouds. Both locations were only a few minutes apart, but were dramatically different. After the reception and lovely dinner Marcel took the entire wedding party for some fun sunset portrait sessions on a cliff, which ended a perfect wedding day. Some fun facts: There were countless whales at Ragged Point, they were too far out to take really good pictures of but being able to watch these leviathans was truly special. There is no internet and no phone reception at Ragged Point, it was interesting to use a pay phone after so many years. Hearst Castle is only 15-20 minutes away. The Ragged Point Inn was once a "ramshackle snack shed" and was transformed by the Ramey family in to a destination resort with a gourmet restaurant, gift shop and many more amenities. The Ramey family has been running it for 3 generations. Venue: Ragged Point Inn ( Flowers from Cambria Florist: Makeup by Artista Makeup:

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